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Entrup Timeline


3-1835 Elizabeth Barringhaus born.


12-1857 Mary G. Kuhlmann born. Henry Entrup's fist wife.

12-1864 Henry Entrup born.

1866 Anna Entrup born.

7-1870 Agnes Entrup born.

10-1872 Christopher Entrup born.

4-1873 Mary Frankenhoff born. Henry Entrup's second wife.

2-1874 Elizabeth Entrup born.

1881 Henry Entrup (age 17) came from Germany to Quincy Illinois.

2-1885 Henry Entrup married Mary Kuhlman.

3-1886 Mary Francis Entrup born to Henry and Mary Kuhlman Entrup.

3-1886 Mary G. Kuhlman Entrup death. From child birth??

7-1886 Mary Francis Entrup (age 4 months) death.

1889 Christopher Entrup (age 17) came from Germany to Quincy Illinois.

1895 Elizabeth Entrup (age 21) came from Germany to Quincy Illinois.

10-1895 Henry Entrup married Mary Frankenhoff.

9-1896 George J. Entrup born.

10-1899 Agnes Entrup married Frank Henry Lohman.

1899 Christopher Entrup moved to St. Louis MO.

8-1899 Carl Entrup born. Henry's son.


9-1901 Alfred A. & Margaret Entrup born. Henry's twins.

10-1901 Elizabeth Entrup married Clem Lohman.

12-1906 John Entrup born. Henry's son.

3-1908 Elizabeth Barringhaus Entrup death.

6-1918 George Entrup to WW 1.

7-1919 George Entrup return from WW 1.

11-1920 Carl Entrup (age 21) death.

6-1923 George Entrup married Clara Engels.

11-1925 Henry Entrup death.

>1939?? Anna Entrup Schroeder moved to Racine Wis.

1939 Christopher Entrup death.

10-1941 Margaret Entrup married Joseph Ehrhardt.

1943 Alfred A. Entrup is living in Los Angeles Cal.

12-1943 Mary Frankenhoff Entrup death.

2-1946 Elizabeth Entrup Lohman death.

5-1946 Agnes Entrup Lohman death.

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