Family Tree Index


Engels, Bernard H.
Engels, Clara Schumacher
Engels, Laurine C.
Entrup, Agnes Lohman
Entrup, Alfred A.
Entrup, Anna Schroeder
Entrup, Bernard Henry
Entrup, Beth
Entrup, Carl
Entrup, Chris
Entrup, Christopher
Entrup, Clara Engels
Entrup, Dan
Entrup, Elizabeth Barringhaus
Entrup, Elizabeth Lohman
Entrup, Elizibeth Nitching
Entrup, Emily
Entrup, George J.
Entrup, Georgian Belker
Entrup, Henry
Entrup, Herman
Entrup, Herman's FATHER
Entrup, Herman's MOTHER
Entrup, John A.
Entrup, John Henry
Entrup, Julie Sanders
Entrup, Louise
Entrup, Magdalene Welbeck
Entrup, Margaret Backe-Ehrhardt
Entrup, Marjean Kroner
Entrup, Mark
Entrup, Mary Francis
Entrup, Mary Frankenhoff
Entrup, Mary G. Kuhlmann
Entrup, Mary Rehema
Entrup, Matt
Entrup, Mike
Entrup, Philis Jean
Entrup, Regina Marie Damhorst
Entrup, Sophia
Entrup, Timothy Joseph
Entrup, Wilhelm

E (continued)


Frankenhoff, Elizabeth M. Schriever
Frankenhoff, John H.


Kroner, Agnes
Kroner, John


Lohman, Anna Elizabeth
Lohman, Anthony Clement
Lohman, Baby
Lohman, Baby2
Lohman, Baby3
Lohman, Carl Bernard
Lohman, Clement
Lohman, Elizabeth
Lohman, Francis T.
Lohman, Frank Henry
Lohman, Helen A.
Lohman, Joseph
Lohman, Lawrence H.
Lohman, Louise E.
Lohman, Marie A.
Lohman, Mary T.


Nichting, Albert
Nichting, Albert Jr.
Nichting, Robert
Nichting, William


Sanders, Glen
Sanders, Herbert E.
Sanders, Marjorie Stark
Sanders, Martha M.
Schroeder, Agnes M.
Schroeder, Elizabeth
Schroeder, Henry G.
Schroeder, Herman H.
Schroeder, Louise
Schroeder, Mary
Schroeder, Mary F.
Stark, Inez
Stark, Russell O.

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