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Vacation 98

(last updated 09/26/98)


Mt. Rainier

Mt. St. Helens

Puget Sound boat ride?

Tour submarine base at Bangor (11 yr 360-396-4843 )

Seattle.. .. Microsoft seattle

Space Needle

Chittenden locks

Blake Island State Park (bikes?)

Microsoft @ Redmond, WA 98052-6399 Telephone: (425) 882-8080

Burke Museum

Klondie gold Rush Park

go to ocean by Aberdeen or Grays

Vancouver travel distances to seattle=146 and Portland=320.

Victoria Island, live picture

Royal British Cloumbia Museum


Crater Lake

Columbia River

see where it enters ocean. (Ft. Stevens State Park)

Eugene B/n video

Oregon Dunes National Rec Area (west of Eugene)


Fort Vancouver

Links and more

Link to, north-west.

Everett (north of Seattle) Navy's newest base and Boeing plant tours.

Steam train ride in Centralia WA

Portland internet provider page.

Southern Oregon Vacation guide site

Seattle Weather from Intelicast, real-time weather cams.

Seattle radio stations, some real audio... Spokane.

Mr. G's field trip of Seattle area

Washington State Parks 1-800-233-0321, Diception Pass or Moran ???

Oregon forest industry Tours